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Angel Ballard

Operation Give Back 2002 - Present

My name is Angel Ballard and I was one of the founding members of Operation Give Back. I was in junior high school when I was blessed with  the opportunity to lend my talents and abilities to service my community through elder assistance, community programs, and helping the homeless.  In addition to serving, I was also provided a network of like minded peers with whom I could surround myself and associate with as I progressed academically and socially through high school. This was crucial to my development in those critical years where I was able to avoid the peer pressure that, too often, derails students. While these were all great benefits, my work as a tutor at the OGB Center impacted my life most profoundly. It was through this experience that I was able to develop and nurture a sincere passion to educate. I carried these feelings through high school all the way to the completion of my studies at Howard University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, serving as a peer tutor along the way. Having briefly worked in industry as an engineer for both Procter & Gamble and Google, I ultimately reflected on those feelings I had during the six years I was an OGB member, providing academic support and molding the minds of the future generation. It was then that I made the decision to follow my original passion and I am proud to report that in the 2012-2013 school year, I will be a teacher at a high-need DC public school, furthering and expanding OGB's mission to  inspire children to reach their full potential and realize their dreams and aspirations. Operation Give Back is truly an amazing organization that does so much for both the individuals served, and those who volunteer to provide service. I could not be more grateful for its impact on both myself, and on my community.

Lynne Conrad

OGB Tutor since 2012

Dear Wendy and Lee,

As another school year draws to an end I wanted to comment on my experience as a retired teacher turned Operation Give Back tutor.  The progress that the third graders I worked with was significant.  Children, who in fall said they didn’t have any homework and employed many avoidance behaviors, improved their study habits.  By May theses same third graders came in prepared to work and felt good about their ability as learners. Oral reading fluency as well as reading comprehension improved.  The children mastered the retelling of the story they had read.  Recall of basic math facts sored with consistent practice.  Problem solving moved from abstract to concrete.  Working as a tutor is rewarding.  Truly OGB benefits the tutors as well as the children whose lives we are privileged to touch.


Lynne Conrad

Allen Howard III

Founding Member of OGB

My name is Allen Howard III, I am one of the original members of Operation Give Back.  I started almost a decade ago and it is amazing to see how OGB has progress as well as myself. I experienced a wealth of knowledge and life skills while at OGB.  I started at OGB in the 8th grade and have continued assisting and volunteering until the present with OGB.  I would recommend OGB to any student that needs help with homework to life skills.  During my years at OGB I have assisted with the Ushering at the Martin Luther King Day program, assisted people in the neighborhood with racking leaves to helping seniors moving items in the home and yard.  To support and keep the young people focused I would speak to them about the benefits of OGB. Currently I assist with the Holiday Store and volunteered at the annual golf classic.  OGB has enriched my life in many ways and keeping me focused in pursuing my Eagle Scout. OGB and Greater Works International Ministries assisted with my Eagle Scout project; developing and implementing a toy drive for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  The toy drive was during the summer months when donations are low for the children at the hospital.  OGB was an integral part in getting toys donated for the children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  OGB is a wonderful gift to young people in the Cincinnati area, and with out their help and involvement in my life I would not be where I am today.  Earning my Eagle Scout, graduating from Princeton high school and  a recent graduate from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Biology/pre-med. Presently I am a Lab Technician with KAO brand research and Development facility and Pharm tech for t Kroger Pharmacies.  I have come a long way with the assistance of OGB and it is great to see its progression with the assistance in helping the young people in the Cincinnati area.

Myisha Phillips

Pioneer Member of Operation Give Back

Hi, My name is Myisha Phillips and I am one of the pioneer members of Operation Give Back! With the help of OGB, I had the privilege of giving back to the community; by reading children's books in the Hazelwood center, assisting children with their homework after school, and organizing events such as "showcase your talent" and "keep it real". After graduating from Sycamore High School in 2006, I obtained a BLA from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH.


Currently, I am striving to achieve a MDiv from the Interdenominational Theological  Center/Phillips School of Theology in Atlanta, GA. I plan to do missionary work in Jamaica and become a hospital chaplain as well.

Hannah Meagan D’Souza

OGB Tutor since 2008

My name is Hannah Meagan D’Souza, and I am a 2010 Sycamore High School graduate. I have been a Sycamore student from K-12 and started tutoring at Operation Give Back as a junior in high school in 2008. However, my first relation with this incredible program was in 2005 when I performed “Ain't No Mountain High Enough” for the organization’s talent show. I had an absolute blast and met so many wonderful fellow performers. In regards to tutoring, Operation Give Back has done so much for me: It has allowed me to give back to the community in which I was born and raised, to fulfill my passions of working with children, and to meet so many intelligent young individuals. However, what is more important is what it has provided to the children: OGB has been an outlet for so many kids and young adults to not only learn academic material but has been nothing short of a blessing for the young of our community. always look forward to returning to see the smiling faces that OGB has put so many faces. I currently am studying Speech and Hearing Science at Ohio State University and will be pursuing a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology.I hope one day to become a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist—and working with the kids at OGB has further corroborated my desire to pursue this career!

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